An Argentinian hacker that goes by the handle Libero, who is also a member of the Team Hacker Argentino, @HackerArgentino has been attacking Israeli sites in their protest against th
e terrorist state of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

This mass attack on Israel cyber space comes after the Israeli government threaten to shut down the only form of communication the people of Palestine heavily rely on to communicate with the rest of the world, the internet.

Israel can thank themselves for sending hacktivist around the world into a hacking rage. Hackers have shown no mercy on Israel cyber space, or left any site untouched. If an Israeli site is up and running, then you will be next as no Israeli site will be left untouched far as the hacktivist are concerned. This Argentinian hacker ''Libero'' has been on a hacking rampage and has hacked and defaced as many Israeli sites as possible.

HackFuse only manage to collect 100+ hacked and defaced sites, but this hacker and his team were still going strong with their full on attack on Israel cyber space.

The hacked sites have been posted to pastebin:

Hackers around the world have united and show solidarity in standing up against the terrorist state of Israel and their despicable acts against Palestine.

Most of the sites remained hacked and defaced at the time of publishing this article.

Source: HackFuse

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