Ok Guys today we will talk about how to crack and hack Cpanel password after getting an server
As previously told you how to get rooted in server and if you get limiting permission in server then how to get Cpanel password of all the sites on the server
 Any one can do this even n00bs also but you should first get an permission in server so let's start it :

 First Of all we need an Cpanel Cracking shell which help us to crack the all Cpanel password of websites hosted on server 
Download it here : http://www.mediafire.com/?8rpfd9pq5r4xzz4

STEP 1 : 

Upload your Cpanel cracking shell on that server with name cp.php


 We need and strong  good password dictionary to crack and then  grab all the USERNAME of websites on that server by this command 

 “ls /var/mail”

 Now you can see the USERNAME of all websites and password list which you had get from password dictionary now press  START button and watch what you will get 

Note that stronger the password dictionary is more you will get the Cpanel 
Your success key is this password dicitonary so insert  only stronger password dic. to get more Cpanel password

Bingo !! we found 27 Cpanel Not bad Password Dic. but you can find more if you get an strong pass dic. 


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